Letter of Reference for Brad Fogel

When my wife and I sought a General Contractor to expand and remodel the tiny “master” bathroom in our circa 1978 house, we followed the recommendations of some friends and contacted Brad Fogel. We found Brad to be a conscientious, courteous, honest contractor who brought to the project his design expertise as well as a very capable list of local subcontractors. The project, when completed, exceeded our expectations for fit and finish and came in on budget.  While the pandemic was responsible for some material shipment delays, Brad worked earnestly to keep us appraised of any schedule changes.  We are delighted to now have him as a friend and we would not hesitate to highly recommend his services for remodel work.

Craig and Vicky Johnsen
Los Osos, CA


We have known Brad since 1983. When we bought our first home in 1987 we called on Brad to help us plan and remodel an unfinished room that we would use as an office/studio. Later he remodeled our deck into a stunning sunroom that is a centerpiece of our home. He has helped us with projects large and small over the past 20 years with the attention to detail that we admire. His skill in planning, his workmanship, his artistic sense and his leadership in taking a project to completion are exemplary.

We have our family dentist, our family doctor, and our family contractor, Brad Fogel. Now he is family contractor for our daughter and her family. Trust is important in all the choices we make for our family and Brad is part of that group of trusted individuals in our lives.

Phil and Denise Youngman

Brad Fogel is outstanding. He is professional, experienced and pulls together a great team of sub contractors. His attention to detail is amazing, as his is patience. I own a house that he built in 1980 and had him do the re-model in 2012 and very pleased with the results.   I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to build a new home or to re-model an existing one. I won’t use anyone else to work on a major home project.

Marsha Daniels ~ A very satisfied client




RE: Brad Fogel letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern:

In the Summer of 2013 Kennedy Club Fitness of Atascadero planned and started a major remodel of their Women’s Locker Room and shower facility and the indoor pool that was originally built in 1985.

Because the Club continued to be open for business as usual, the job had to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I hired Brad Fogel as the General Contractor to manage the job. Needless to say that after 28 years of continual use, we ran into some complications as the job progressed and walls and floors were opened up. It was a pleasure working with Brad, who understood the time frames and strategies we had to contend with to get this job done ASAP. Brad was very efficient and brought along with him a team of professionals who did a great job. I would recommend him highly for any commercial remodel project.


Kevin P. Kennedy
3534 El Camino Real
Atascadero, Ca. 93422

To Whom It May Concern:

The construction of our home was completed on April 8, 2009—five months earlier than the completion date estimated by another contractor advising our architect before Brad Fogel joined the project.

Under Brad’s supervision, the building process was highly organized. His relationship with sub-contractors, county inspectors, the architect and the owners was transparent, disciplined and cordial. He has the ability to make requested changes if the final product will be better and to gently, but firmly, resist change when he believes it is not in the owner’s best interest. His management and reporting of the financial aspects of the project was prompt and scrupulously accurate. His pace at the construction site was aggressive, exciting, and fun. The results are better than we expected.

In 2015, we decided to enclose a central courtyard and there was never a question that we wanted both the architect and the contractor who created the original home to do the 400+ square-feet expansion. Though six years had passed, our relationship with both was better than we could have expected. We communicated easily and the construction process was even better.   We lived on site during the addition and the Fogel team was careful to disrupt our lives as little as possible. Brad’s current team is skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic.

One of the primary conditions we posed to the architect and the contractor was that no individual entering the home for the first time would be able to determine which part of the house was finished in 2009 and which part was finished in 2015. This not only entailed locating 2009 finish materials, but also controlling their installation. The tile floors were of particular concern. Brad solved the problem by locating the exact tile used in 2009, bringing in the same tile sub-contractor who located the same tile-setter (who was no longer an employee) so that the subtleties of individual style would remain constant.

We enthusiastically recommend Brad Fogel and would be pleased to respond to specific inquiry about any aspect of our relationship with him.


Donovan Marley and Barbara E. Sellers

We purchased a new home in Morro Bay in late 2013.   It was originally built about 50 years ago and had never been updated.   We knew we would need a complete remodel inside and out, something we had never done before on such a large scale.  We knew we needed to find someone with an excellent reputation we could trust, as we were not living in the area.

After doing our research we hired Brad Fogel and Dean Calderwood.  This was by far the best decision we could have made.   We personally had no idea the number of decisions that needed to be made, and how easily a decision could be wrong in conjunction with everything else being done.

Thankfully, Brad and Dean were seasoned pros who took the time to walk us through the process.   Their experience in home construction and relationships with the right sub-contractors was invaluable.   It turned out to be a great working relationship.

It’s been over a year now that everything has been completed.   We have had the chance to make this our home and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

The quality of work that was done is evident throughout.

Cathy Roche